The team


Edwige Maury, Regional Director, Southern Europe, Axis Communications

I have used Clarity to work with my regional management team made up of 8 strong individuals.  The team are all passionate about our growing and fast changing market and we need a credible, relevant partner to help us increase our effectiveness in these fast changing conditions.  Our goal was to raise the team leadership by facilitating self-awareness, social awareness of each other and better teamwork, giving more honest support and feedback with each other.  We have also worked on our own leadership to raise the performance of our own teams in the region.

Helen creates trust and brings the best out of a team of leaders, always with a pragmatic perspective. Using a mix of creative work, brainstorming, theory and practical workshops, the pace is really balanced and relevant to our needs.  There is great attention paid to the preparation and design of sessions.  This means we focus on a few, highly relevant priorities for development of our business.

Helen and Clarity are more than partners for us.  She is one of us, as she truly understands our company culture and business context.  She brings an external professional eye which is so important and always passes on great tips and tools which are simple, valuable and that we are using.

On top of quality delivery, she brings our international team the delight of learning more about the rich British vocabulary, with great phrases such as ‘pussyfooting’.  So we learn about ourselves, about others and have a lot of fun during the days spent together.  Then we digest what we learn, use it in our working life to good effect and look forward to our next session with Clarity.

Magnus Zederfeldt, Regional Director, South Asia & Pacific, Axis Communications

We are very grateful for having engaged Helen Chilvers and Clarity team as part of our leadership development journey within the South Asia and Pacific Regional Leadership Team.  The leadership team consists of 10 people from diverse cultures and geographies, from Indochina to India and Australia. Helen’s fantastic cultural sensitivity allowed openness and learning to flow through at our many sessions with her. 

Helen is not only a very skilled and inspiring partner in leadership and team development, she also has the flexibility and ability to adapt to both the teams and the individual needs in development. We are happy to recommend Helen as a great consultant.

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Technology company

I utilised Clarity to work with my team. The feedback was very positive and we are seeing positive results from that in terms of more productivity and proactive sales efforts. I would highly recommend Clarity. Helen and her team are professional, driven, enthusiastic and very motivating.


Working with Helen was great. She emanates a great enthusiasm for her work and people in general, which encourages positive interaction with the audience and her co workers. She is focussed on the task in hand and exudes a positive outlook on life, which is infectious.