Building Strengths | Developing Talent | Achieving Results 


Whether we are coaching leaders or developing teams and organisations, we are committed to lifting both tangible business performance and human spirits.

Firstly we gain a deep understanding of you and your business context. Everything we do is adapted to your culture and linked to your aims. We aim to be highly relevant and to add value in everything we do. We are committed partners who want to help you get there with more ease and wisdom.

Our philosophy and approach is underpinned by the following ideas:


Everyone is unique combination of talents.  Each person has a contribution to make and should be encouraged and supported to be the very best they can be.  Research shows strengths as the route to optimum performance. We place a lot of value on identifying and developing inherent strengths and talents to catalyse capability. We enable growth and engagement through a variety of approaches, including the tools and pathways from the proven science of applied positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

We spend time to understand personal values and how expressed values in action act like a compass in life in decision-making and how you experience life and work.  We also work on team and organisational strengths and values to ensure the context supports your business aims.


We all want to feel a strong sense of meaning, purpose and excitement when we get out of bed in the morning.  To have an agile, creative person or organisation, research shows that people want some autonomy, opportunities to be creative and support to master new skills.

We also need to have some vision. So we work with you to create a vision – for yourself, for your team or for your business that is both compelling and meaningful to you and others.


We are all informed and developed by our experiences, both positive and challenging.  In most cases research shows human beings actually grow through adversity.  However the experience can be really tough without a map or support.  We provide wisdom, a strong relationship and practical support based on science, together with some really useful tools to manage yourself through tough times - or prepare well for challenges in future.  Learning about resilience helps you to lead others through change intelligently and effectively.

All development starts with self awareness and wisdom.  It also includes how we interact with others.  We are all interdependent and everything we do affects others – as we are affected by them.

To help develop an outstanding life, team or business we need to work and relate in a way that demonstrates this interdependence.  As leaders we need not only to create a meaningful, inspirational context for ourselves and others to work in, we also need to be authentic and recognise we create the strongest outcomes together.

We believe the process of development need not be hard or painful.  Our clients tell us that working with us is not only effective, but also enjoyable and enlightening.  We build strong relationships and aim to make the process a positive one.  We are honoured that our clients keep coming back for more or recommending us!

Together we create conditions for rejuvenated levels of meaning, engagement, creativity and great results. Not to mention more joy getting there!