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Effective change management through off shoring

Transition of all UK accounting services to Poland for RWE group team of 70 personnel’s activities over 2014 resulting in redundancy by year end.

To maintain performance and service levels, whilst planning and implementing a smooth transition plan.  This required retaining people and creating engagement and morale through a potentially challenging period.

We delivered a change programme that reduced uncertainty through early engagement and communication. Together we created a compelling shared vision for ‘an extraordinary transition’ infusing a sense of meaning for everyone.  Through management team coaching and wider management workshops we developed clear sense of purpose, ownership and well thought through plans. We worked with the line managers to create empowerment to lead and drive the initiative. We celebrated success and  made sure they had recognition within the business. We overcame barriers with regular, open communication.

The results were outstanding and achieved recognition from the CFO and a high profile for this team.  They all left on a high with skills to transitions to other roles, some within the group.

  • Engagement: Top quartile for all 4 quarters (68%)
  • Service levels: 100% service levels maintained
  • Transition milestones: 100% achieved and in some cases delivered earlier than milestones
  • Sickness: Sickness .2% against normal conditions benchmark
  • Retention: 76% retention of staff plus redeployment of 8