Helen's background and experience were important to me to establish immediate credibility at the beginning of the relationship. I gained immensely from that experience as the coaching sessions unfolded. Helen brings integrity and genuine interest in you and your development. She asks the questions you might not want to ask yourself, but don't worry - she helps you answer them too. My increased confidence came from a self-belief in what I felt was important. Helen freely uses her intuition, drawing out real examples of my behavioural impact and then showing genuine excitement in my change as I experimented with new behaviours and approaches.  Many people have commented on my increased confidence - thank you Helen!'


Clarity’s coaching has been the most valuable and beneficial coaching, mentoring and training I have received in my professional career. I have found myself more fiercely and more effectively results-oriented at work, whilst succeeding in maintaining strong personal relationships. Working with Clarity, I was able to make huge changes during the period of the coaching, improving my time management, results orientation and personal effectiveness and achieving my goal of Director status.  I am now significantly more effective at work, and yet more relaxed and less stressed because it has been so simple and natural to continue to put into effect what I learned during my coaching, and allowing it to become more and more second nature. I would recommend Clarity to anyone!


Clarity’s coaching helped me to work at a higher level, directing the business and managing the huge workload of my role.  The result was I was accomplishing more while being less stressed.   As my personal coach Helen helped me to identify my personal strengths profile, goal setting and vision both professionally and personally. This has had a positive impact on my professional and personal life and helped with that always-challenging work/life balance. 


The coaching I have received has helped me immensely.  It hasn’t been about ‘cosy chats’ but has challenged me in a number of areas, for example, by practicing difficult situations in a safe environment or really testing my response to different scenarios.  Through this I have really been able to focus on areas needing development but it has also improved awareness of my key strengths.  I now have what I see as a ‘toolkit’ of skills or techniques which I have tested and can call upon in different situations to maximise my influence and impact”.  


I have found working with Clarity a great learning experience. I found my coach to be approachable and often asked ‘hard’ questions which resulted in me looking deep inside. This approach has meant I have become much more self aware, gained greater clarity about my style and how to adapt that when working with those around me and this led to better relationships within my team. 

I have gained more confidence as a leader through this process and always felt supported. I have started to challenge more with my peers and the board, which was one of the objectives for me from the start. Helen has a great way of helping you to appreciate the skills you possess and building upon these.  I have now been selected as one of the handful of talent for Director level succession planning. I believe that the relationship we have established is long term one and one I value greatly.


Helen worked with me in a quiet, supportive and constructive manner. In times of confusion, she was flexible in her approach and all the time encouraging me to think for myself rather than providing hard answers. The results are encouraging and challenging. I feel much better equipped to deal with the future thanks in no small part to Helen’s contribution.


The coaching programme has definitely helped me to make a shift in mindset and allow me to reposition myself in the business as a leader and business manager. One of the most enjoyable aspects has been leading the team in the development of services business, and seeing individuals grow and develop along the way.  Another invaluable lesson has been how to balance taking on an extremely challenging role, whilst keeping sight of other priorities in my life. I feel Helen’s advice in this area has been key to finding a work life balance where I am in control, making me more effective in my role, as a result. 

Having a mentor outside of the company has been invaluable as it has allowed me to look at things from a different perspective and have a view unclouded by internal issues or agendas. This has helped challenge how we do things and improve the way we operate as a business.  Working with Helen has been extremely enjoyable also. I feel we have built a relationship that goes above that of the coaching she provides. Helen has always been available at the end of the phone to offer advice or simply listen. Our meetings have served as a great reference point where I can review progress over a period of time and to step back and ensure I am being effective and doing the right things to succeed in the role.


The coaching sessions have been extremely beneficial to date. They are well timed for providing me with some practical advice as they have:
•    helped me prepare (and be successful!) in an internal interview
•    look at an introductory plan for my new role
•    planning the first meetings with stakeholders and new team
•    challenge my thoughts and re-confirm ideas 


Working with Helen has developed my confidence and business acumen as my ideas are shared with someone who has years of experience working with Director level personnel. Helen’s view as an outsider from the business has really helped as when discussing ideas and a way forward she has a completely neutral view of the business. 

When starting my role as Director I carried over much of the job role from being a sales manager and Helen clearly identified areas that I need to let go of and move into the Director role with clear goals.
This has helped me structure my time far better, spend more time and effort developing key areas of the business and work on specific projects without the need to “work on everything”.

I have found the time with Helen very useful and would recommend her coaching as a valuable resource to any business trying to develop their staff.


Helen has a great style. She is supportive, offers lots of ideas and is able to quickly summarise and ‘diagnose’ key issues. She brings in interesting thoughts and theories and some simple techniques can really help manage the self-sabotage and make me more productive. I feel the sessions have had a big impact and this has been enhanced by other things that have happened in my work environment. 


Working with Helen as a mentor has been really effective for me in developing my career, enabling the time to think through what I want from a role, where my skills are strongest and in challenging me in how to drive this development, which I have achieved.   I would completely recommend her and we got on well from start.  For me, working with a female coach/mentor in a business that is quite male dominated has also been very useful in giving a perspective on things that you may not get at work.


Helen is excellent and I would recommend her.  Focussed, motivational & fun sessions. I feel our stated objectives have been achieved with this programme.


From the first moment that I met Helen I knew my coaching experience would be a success. I needed someone who I could respect and would challenge me whilst also providing a supportive foundation. Helen is outstanding (fact!) and exudes positivity. Her career and life experience are inspiring and as such she provided me with a superb role model of how to be successful. A sense of fun and twinkle in the eye are also essential for anyone that I work with! I found our meetings extremely helpful and in summary, I feel energised, not only to fulfil my role to the best of my abilities, but to continue to stretch and challenge myself. I now have a much clearer idea of my strengths and how to optimise them. I am also in a happier mindset having explored and started to understand my sense of purpose.


Helen was a fantastic coach getting to the point of the matter and explaining why my approach needed to change to achieve my goals.  She was an excellent listener and asked challenging and probing questions. Feedback that I have had from my peers and my manager have definitely seen positive outcomes from this coaching!